Hi I’m Jindi.  I’m an Australian Working Kelpie – only I’m a bit of a dole bludger because the only work I do is to keep the backyard free of those pesky birds (and the cat who lives next door!). This is my human’s favourite photo of me as a puppy, wasn’t I cute!  I think I still am.

I live with my human in a country town which is fast becoming closer to the Big Smoke as development makes its way up the highway.

This blog was started for her quilty/crafty stuff, it was a place to record her Big Trip Over the Water in 2009.  Now she is using it for our travels around the place, anything else that takes her fancy and to help her declutter, clean up and generally make progress with her house and garden which have become a little out of control the last year or so…it will be my job to keep her on task…


  1. Hi Annette…it seems we are partners for the Annie swap on Aunt PittyPats blog…..just seeing what your favourite colours are and also it looks like you are into “clean” dolls and not prim grubby dolls like me…asking so I dont make her too grubby for your liking…LOL..hugs Khris

  2. Annette! Have a wonderful trip! I absolutely LOVE my pin cushion and the other goodies you have sent. So very kind of you, can’t wait to use them all. The tea lights first with the great barrier reef aroma, what a terrific idea! Thanks again and have a lovely trip!

  3. Jindi, you are one pretty pup–and a rather lucky dog, from the sound of it!

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