A Busy Day Out…

Jindi here…

Early this morning the human and I set off up the highway to Bendigo to met my cousin Millie the Customs Labrador and Laila the Fox Terrier with their humans so we could all play at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk.  The sun was shining, it was a lovely day and we got to walk around Lake Weerona with lots of other dogs, twice…

The human also caught up with someone she hadn’t seen in a very very long time.  We were sitting at a picnic table waiting for the day to start and a lady sat on the other side of the table…well, that lady turned out to be L who is V’s mum and the human and V went to high school together and V was there too because she works for the RSPCA in Bendigo!  So they got to have a little catch up but then I wanted very much to go and play in the practice agility activity…

…it was so much fun and later while we were waiting in the line for the nice Vet Doctor to check my teeth (I need to chew some bones to help keep them clean – yum!) we heard our names being called…seriously? our names? why?…so off we go to see why they are calling for us and guess what…I am so clever that I won the agility activity!…and we didn’t even know it was a competition!!!!

Best time….20 seconds!…so I get a present…yay for me!!!

We all went to a cafe so the humans could have coffee and I was so good and lay down by the human’s chair and minded my manners…I was a bit tired when we got home and had to have a long snooze, it was a big day out…catch ya later!

Woofs and Tail Wags


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