Adelaide Adventures…Part 2…

After the awesome blue sky and sunshine day the Friday in Adelaide, the Monday was the absolute and complete opposite! After packing up and moving out of the Inspired Stitches accommodation, waving goodbye to Mrs K & Mrs G for their respective trips back to Melbourne, how to fill in the day before returning to Glenelg in the evening?  My plan was spending the day in the City, taking a better look around the CBD, visiting the Botanical Gardens, maybe the Pandas at the zoo, whatever else took my fancy but it was definitely not a wandering around outdoors in the city kind of morning.  I rejigged the tourist plans in my head to go to Hahndorf and as I had all day, include a sightseeing drive around the general Adelaide Hills area.  Climbing higher into the hills the grey skies gave way to being immersed in the clouds….mmmm, not exactly conducive to sightseeing…I reached Mt Lofty National Park but there was no point in visiting the park or going up to the Summit when visibility was about 10 feet, so I continued on to Hahndorf.  While visiting the Beerenberg Farm shop it started to rain…well it started to pelt down really…and that set the scene for the next few hours…not only did it rain while I was having lunch in a German cafe in Hahndorf  it also hailed…twice…I got back to find Larry cold and wet…and almost marooned! not to mention still with hail on his windscreen, it was so cold it just didn’t bother to melt away…


I took a drive along the Onkaparinga Valley Road passing lots of water flowing fast in water courses, even having to drive through small sections of localised flooding on the road a couple of times, making my way to Woodside where Melba’s Chocolate Factory and Woodside Cheese Wrights share the historic Woodside Farmers Union Factory site.   A yummy souvenier of each visit duly purchased and with plenty of day left, I continued wandering up the road, the twists and turns taking me through Lobethal and out to Gumeracha where The Toy Factory has all sorts of wooden toys, games and other items and the world’s biggest rocking horse.


Enough of driving around in the rain! I wound my way back down to Adelaide, skirting the City via North Adelaide. The rain had started to clear by now so I was able to check out some of the beautiful buildings along the terraces while making my way back to Hindmarsh for a second visit to Hettie’s Patch to buy the fabric I had finally made a colour decision on.  Of course now that the weather has cleared a bit I’m driving and can’t take photos, mph!

Meeting my cousin back in Glenelg we decided on Mexican for tea.  Yummo!  I didn’t take either the camera or my phone…stupidly as we had the most amazing magaritas, raspberry for me, coconut for cousin…and I discovered something…margaritas are yum!  Yes, yes, the rest of the world already knows this but I don’t drink as I usually have to drive.  The chances of me being out and not having to get behind the wheel afterwards are rare but we had walked around to the restaurant so a margarita and a yummy yummy plate of mexican food for my last night of the trip…all good!

The last night in Adelaide….boo hoo…the drive back to reality the next morning…


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