Up a Mountain – Wallace Hut…

Part 3 of Up a Mountain, I sort of forgot to finish this up…oops!

…The last place we stopped for a visit was called Wallace Hut…again, no dogs allowed as it is also part of the Alpine National Park so I waited with Larry – again!…

The Humans walked in from the car park to the hut…

The frame against the chimney is temporary..the history of the hut is on a Parks Victoria information board:

“Handmade in 1889 from snowgum slabs and roofed with woollybutt shingles, Wallace Hut has survived the extremes of the Victorian high country.

With simple tools (most likely a broadaxe, crossed saw and an adze), brothers Arthur, William and Stewart Wallace built the hut with timber found nearby.

The Wallace family grazed their cattle on the Bogong High Plains between 1869 and 1914.

Each year they would drive the stock up for four days to reach the summer feed.

The hut provided welcome shelter for the graziers after a long day in the saddle.”

The Human had a good look at the hut and the views from around the hut area…

I checked out the view from the car park…*sigh*…

Woofs and tail wags…Jindi…


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