A Sunday Stroll…

So Sunday the Human tells me we are going to Bendigo to play Million Paws Walk…wahooo!…I was very excited…we set off in Larry nice and early…the walk was to be held at Lake Weeroona.  The Human bought me a lovely new coat but in order to wear it I had to endure this!

There was a very nice lady with a trailer which I was keen to investigate and it turned out to be a BATH!  I think maybe next time I won’t be so keen to look inside!  The Human said I was stinky so the nice lady made me smell pretty again so I could wear my new coat.  Then we walked around the lake – twice…very pleasant.

My cousin Miss Millie, the blonde labrador who works for Customs, couldn’t come and play this year as she has been very clever and made some puppies so she is a bit busy looking after them but she sent her Human along anyway…but my friend Lila the jack russell came along again…she is so very little and she was a bit frightened to start with but after a while she realised that everyone was friendly so she trotted along with me and we had a lovely walk.  The Humans behaved themselves quite well, we let them have a reward afterwards and kept them company while they had coffee at a cafe called Beechworth Bakery in town.

I do enjoy the Million Paws Walk and it raises money for the RSPCA so it is a good cause and helps out the puppies who are waiting for new Humans.  I hope we get to play along next year and Miss Millie can come to play again too.

Woofs and Tail Wags…Jindi…


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  1. I’m so glad you had a wonderful weekend! Great pics!

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