Up a Mountain – Fainter Falls…

After we left Bogong Village we were driving along up the mountain and there was a sign for Fainter Falls and the Humans thought that sounded like a nice place to visit so we stopped for a look.  My Human went to read the sign to see how far in the walk was and there on the sign was a notice that dogs weren’t allowed so I had to wait in Larry…*sigh*…

So the Humans went for a walk in to see the falling water…it isn’t too far in off the road, only about 700 metres…and at the end of the path this is what they found…


The end of the path was the viewing area with the information board and next to that were some steps that led down to the base of the falls…of course the Humans could not resist and had to check our where the steps went…they were a bit rocky and steep but not too difficult, then the path went over the creek and along the creek on the other side about 200 metres to the base of the falls for a closer look…the Human told me that it was a nice walk in and the falling water was nice to look at.

Then Larry took us for more driving and we continued up the Mountain.  We went through a place called Falls Creek which apparently has lots of stuff called snow when it is Winter but it wasn’t snow time yet.

To be continued…

Tail Wags…Jindi


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