(I started this post nearly two weeks ago…each time I tried to get it up and running WordPress wouldn’t play nice with me…not uploading photos or the day that it wasn’t there at all *sigh*…of course, then I forgot all about it…and it has been languishing as a draft ever since…)

Not much of an update but I need to note what I’ve done…

I have a short hallway…passageway…call it what you will…it’s short…5 of my normal steps takes me from the start to the bedroom door…so it is five steps long and at each end is a one step square bit to the left or right depending on which direction you are coming from and which end you are at at the time…so you’d think that it wouldn’t take all that long on a Sunday to give it a spruce up with the wall/ceiling mop thingy, the vacuum and the Bissell…you’d think that…but you would be wrong!!!

Why? Because why would anything ever be straighforward in my world…that would be too much to ask and it just wouldn’t happen…first off move the “excess stuff” that has moved from the sewing room into the hall because, well, that was where it landed really and what should you do when you are moving said stuff (read small wardrobe/cupboard arrangement)….bash the corner of said piece of furniture into the corner of the wall and remove great chunk of plaster…

Exhibit A...

Aaaaggghhhhh….I wasn’t planning on playing with cornice cement but now apparently I will be….

Oh well, move along that can wait…wash ceiling, wash walls, wash skirting and architraves…forget that in said small space there are 6, yes 6, of these…

1 down, 5 to go...

…takes longer to wipe down skirting and architrave in small space equal to 7 of my steps than for either sewing room or bedroom…*sigh*…

Mix up carpet shampoo stuff, take two sweeps of carpet with the shampooer and…the safety switch trips…bugger!  Out to switchboard, reset and away we go…back inside the shampooer is humming away with electricity again pouring into it until…I move it…at all…just the action of releasing the handle cuts the power again…repeat 5 times…give up…go do something else…

An hour later…have another go…and it co-operates…why? what the?  the only thing that was different was the washing machine was not doing its thing at the same time…so, note to self…it appears washing machine and Bissell do not get along and refuse to co-operate and work together…oh well, easier to deal with than having either one of them go to the electrical appliance doctor…

End result for day…one clean hallway…finally…yay!

Also put up two more sticky hooks in sewing room and hung a couple of baubles that are much prettier on the wall than in their boxes…re-organised cutting table sans tele…cutting mat no longer partially obscured by wooden ruler holder do-dads (technical term there)…all good 🙂

Catch ya!


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