Chookyblue’s SCCS 2010 Ornament…

Finally we are able to start to reveal the secrets that were Chookyblue’s SCCS 2010.  I sent to Sweden to Marica.  It was a bit of a challenge as she doesn’t blog very often and I found it quite difficult to get a sense of what to make.

The ornament portion of the exercise was challenge no 1…I misread the directions and didn’t register the word “hanging” so my first plan had to be abandoned…I was doing well with a choice until I read the instructions properly…magazines and books were scoured, the internet consulted, nothing was jumping out at me…what to do, what to do??…Then in Homespun’s 10th Anniversary issue I came upon the cutest little elf boots…Do you recall at the Ballarat Quilt-In that I Had To Have wool felt and Had To Start a project I saw in the magazine that day…well, the project was…Elf Boots……remember the purple one I made for Mhairi…well…

For Marica I made pink…

and added a trio of freddos because while they are not all that Christmassy, they are Aussie and chocolate was essential…

Now we have to wait until Christmas to open the main presents…

Happy Stitching…


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  1. what a cute little boot – and of course wonderful little treat to fill it.

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