On The Road Again…

I got to ride in the car yesterday…A Lot!…I got to wait in the car yesterday too…A Lot!…I’m not so keen on the waiting bit but I do love the riding bit…

First stop a place in…

With GF Rosie who I like a lot – she bought me 2 smackos treats – yum yum – and when we got there Mistea was there too! The humans all went inside a building and did whatever it is that humans do (boring…yawn!) while I waited outside in Larry…there was A Lot of Waiting…but Larry had found a nice cool parking space under trees.

The human came out to give me a drink and let me have a little walk around and while we were doing that the famous Jodie arrived and gave me pats…I do like it when I get lots of attention from the humans…

After A Long Time everyone came out of the building again and then we went for another ride…this one was A Very Long Ride until we got to a place in…

For those who don’t live in Victoria (why not?) or even Australia (again, why not?)…this is how far it was…

605 kms…yes, it certainly would have been more direct to go from home to Mildura but apparently there was something going on in that building that the human just had to go to so we went the Long Way Around…humans, they are a strange species!

Don’t know what we are doing today but I’m sure it will involve more riding in Larry, maybe today the human will remember to use her camera so I have proper photos to show you..it’s hard being a Kelpie sometimes *sigh*…

Woofs and Tail Wags…Jindi


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