It was raining and pouring….

…so what choice was there but to head to the sewing room and hibernate…he he he…

…Sunday’s rain (2″, 50 mm, 200 points – whatever way you look at it, a lot in 36 hours!)…meant these projects all got a look in…

The day started with making up the two little “signature” blocks in the top right hand corner…they are for a group project…can’t say what as while I’m sure my blog isn’t read by anyone who shouldn’t yet know about the project I’m not 100% on that one and wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise…

Then…in the spirit of cleaning up the mess that is my sewing space and finding the  cutting table top…the Quilt Top Cupboard received some new residents…the Never Ending Wagga (wahoo!) which only needed a strip on either side to balance it out and the bottom edge trimmed straight…the Christmas wall hanging which was ready for its two borders and got ’em…and the Holly Jolly Christmas Swap blocks from earlier this year assembled and borders on…the borders are the fabric which Mistea and I used for our swap 9 patch blocks…I’ve one of our fancy blocks that Mistea stitched and she has one of our 9 patch blocks which I stitched, effectively also a team swap from the returned blocks…

I got bored with UFOs between the Wagga finish and the bordering of the Holly Jolly blocks and looked around for something new to start and realised that I had nothing to show for OPAM for October…oops!…I did have a finish in Jeannet’s Pincushion Swap but the swap reveal day is 6 November so I can’t show that yet…so…as I bought Insul-Bright at Ballarat Patchwork a couple of weeks ago I wanted to have a little play with that having never used it before…and the Churn Dash Potholder was the result…OPAM for October…tick 🙂

Whew!  That is a whole lot of progress for me in one day…and I even did some prep work on my Leanne’s House project from Immerse so that I can continue to the next step (which is hand quilting) to take to sewing today…my goodness, if this keeps up I’ll need a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down! (and if you remember that you are old like me *LOL*)…

Happy stitching…

PS…for the OPAM thing, I did start this last night but the internet connection thingy would not play nice!…I’m blaming the rain…


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  1. Good going on the productivity! I’ll join you in the cuppa and a bex, all those projects finished-Goodness me!

  2. I need a rest just from reading about it! Looking good. Hope Junior gets to work real soon.

  3. Great rain and great sewing , good on you !

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