Hello…my name is Oops-see…and I’ve come to live at Jindi’s Cottage and keep P-Bot company…

I’m really happy to be here…I bought this along with me…can you guess what it is?…

It’s a bag for…

apple core templates!  How clever is that!!!

Thank you Mistea for my birthday Oops-see and the baggie…

There has been a little progress…the Cinderberry Stitches stitchery for the Inspired Stitches project…all stitched…cute hey?

And the Leanne’s House stitchery from Immerse…almost there…

Away in Ballarat for the weekend with a group of friends having a lovely stitchy weekend…a great weekend to stay in and stitch as it is wet, wet, wet and a bit chilly to boot…

Happy Stitching…


Posted on October 16, 2010, in Stitchery and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Oh if you are here in ballarat you must be cold…its totally freezing – but perfect for stitching!

  2. So glad Oops-See is happy in her new home.

    Lovely stitching – and the weather here is stitching weather too.

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