Immersed in Stitching…

…at the lovely Immerse winery at Dixons Creek, which is in the Yarra Valley to the north-east of Melbourne…This was the environment we were forced to endure for the day…

Immerse Winery grounds

Look, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it *LOL*…And what did I do all day?…I took the advice of this project very very seriously…

Excellent advice for the day!

and did just that!  Stitched the day away happy as a lark…stitching, chatting, eating, stitchy shopping…the best way to spend a Saturday…

Our goody bags contained three kitted stitchery based projects from the lovely designers who together create this event every year…Rosalie (Rosalie Quinlan Designs)…Melanie (Melly & Me)…and Leanne (Leanne’s House)…along with other goodies such as needles, pretty scissors and of course, chocolates…

Projects and goodies

The project I choose to start with is Leanne’s…usually I stitch with one strand of embroidery floss but I looked at this project and went, nope, it really does need the texture of more so I’m using the number of strands in the pattern…boy did that take some getting used to again…the letters are stitched with three  strands…looks great…felt like I was stitching with rope!  The rest of the design is with two…OK, less rope like…now it feels like string!…I’m happy with how it is coming along…progress report another day.

Yes, there was shopping so of course I had to check out the wares of the shop for the day, Under the Mulberry Tree, and some just happened to come home with me…

Pretties for the sewing room

A wonderful day well spent…now back to reality *sigh*…

Happy Stitching…


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  1. I am so jealous that you got to go this !!!

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