Friday Night Sew-In Failure…

Oops!  Yesterday afternoon I momentarily forgot it was Friday Night-Sew-In and asked someone around for tea.  Someone who isn’t a sewer!  Yeah, that was smart – not!!

So, I didn’t get a whole lot done…I had planned to make a bag and I did start…I did cutting out stuff in between kitchen duties and pinning stuff after my friend had gone home. While there were still a few hours left of Friday night and the actual sewing part won’t take too long I have to make binding before I go much further and I am slllllooooowwww at making binding so, as I was tired. and had to get up really early this morning as DF R, Mistea & I are off to play at Immerse Yourself in the lovely Yarra Valley, I called it quits and went to bed.  The most I managed was this…

Not a very good effort hey?  Maybe it will be Saturday Night Sew-In at my house…after spending the day playing at the sewing retreat day I’m sure I”ll be pumped and ready to go …. to bed!  He he he

Happy Stitching…


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