The Never Ending Wagga…

Not a lot of stitchiness happened at Chez Jindi the past week or so… the week fell apart when it came to needle and thread…not a good state of affairs at all…not well, struggled through work shifts, no energy or motivation to do anything and basically a danger to myself and others, sharp objects like needles and scissors best kept well away….I’d already scalded both hands and wrists with boiling soup, the same soup that I’d managed to burn…really, who burns soup!

It started out OK as I spent the whole of the first Saturday of September in the sewing room taking refuge from the deluge that was happening outside and achieving great and wonderous (well for me) progress on a very very neglected UFO…the Never Ending Wagga…(can’t even remember when it was started…)…started at the very first retreat Mistea and I went on a number of years past (can’t remember what year but it was this century *LOL*).  We stayed at the school camp at Emerald Lake in the Dandenongs (on the eastern outskirts of Melbourne) and had a lovely time.  The workshop that I wanted to do didn’t have enough particpants so I transferred to the Wagga Workshop…the lady who took the workshop was a very lovely older lady (whose name I can’t remember either) but as her “pattern” is a trifle lean on the detail and as it has been SO long so I touched this project I have no idea what I was actually doing…I had two strips of angles and dangles left to do so I’ve just winged it…it’s OK, it’s that kind of quilt.

The Never Ending Wagga

I finished putting it together this far this last Sunday…still a work-in-progress but getting there…

See you later for more catch-up…(DF R you’ll have something to read with your porridge for a few mornings *VBG*)…

Hapy Stitching…


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