Jindi’s Play Date…

Jindi here…yesterday I got to go for a ride in Larry (one of my very favourite things).  The human took me over to her cousin’s house so I could play with my cousin Miss Millie – yay! I LOVE visiting Auntie B and cousin Millie…Millie has a tummy full of puppies but she is still able to play.

We got to go for a walk and Auntie B gave us treats, a doggie biscuit, an apple (my favourite) and I even got to have a piece of toast! Millie had stuff put on her toast but the human said I could only have it plain, oh well, it was still yummy…Millie and I helped Auntie B make the toast…

Jindi & Millie Make Toast

We were very helpful…she couldn’t have done it without us…

Millie was being very funny and she decided it would be a good idea to stand her back legs on Auntie B on the couch and her front legs on my human in the armchair and lick my human all over…she has a great sense of humour my cousin…I wasn’t allowed on the furniture ‘coz that is our rule but I was OK with that…it’s Millie’s house she has different rules…

The is SO Much Water falling out of the sky today and the wind is blowing so hard that I’m staying curled up on my inside bed…the human says that the weather is too awful to anything else so she is going to have to sew…she doesn’t seem very upset about that…

Hope you get to stay inside today and keep dry…and I sure am glad we don’t live across the ditch in NZ…a place called Christchurch on their south island started shaking this morning and the buildings fell down…I don’t think that would be fun at all…I’m glad we only have rain and wind.

Woofs, licks and tail wags…



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  1. Hey Jindi sounds like you had a fun day visiting your cousin.
    Curled up somewhere warm sounds like a mighty fine plan for today.
    Hope your mum gets lots done in the sewing room.

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