August OPAM…2…3…

Remember the pile of mini pochette bags I created a few weeks ago when I had mini pochette bag production line in full swing…they’ve reached the finishing section of the factory…two are ticked off as done…

The caramel/pink one doesn’t stand up as well – the fabric range is quite soft and fine, quality control recommends using a bit of interfacing in the gusset with that quality of fabic next time, it’s beautiful to work with but drape really isn’t what is needed in this project…a modification to be filed away for future reference.

And two more are still in production…I need to handstitch the binding down on one (the first one I put the binding on) as I wasn’t thinking and stitched it to the top like a quilt which was an oops as I need to top stitch the second edge down not bottom stitch it, it wouldn’t be neat on the top…only made that mistake once!  See, I can learn from my mistakes – occassionally…

That leaves one with the binding to be sewn on….it’s half pinned but I have to change the thread colour as it is totally different to the others and I couldn’t be bothered and went to bed…next time…

Happy Stitching…


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