Swap, Swap, Swappity, Swap…

Resolve at beginning 2010 that no swaps this year with the exception of two if the lovely hostesses had the time and energy to host them again…amazingly resolve kept until August…then one of the specific swaps announced…Wahoo!!! and I’m in….I’m so excited for the first time I’ve managed not to miss the sign-up deadline (now closed) for…

I’ve wanted to play in this swap for the past two years but managed to miss the sign-up deadline both times but not this year…no pouting for me…I get to play!! Happy dance….

…and I couldn’t help myself I had to click and find out where it took me…It took me to here…and a morning of “I want to play” “no, no swaps this year” “I want to play” “no, no swaps this year” and you can guess what won the fight can’t you…yes…”I want to play”…so I’m in…so excited…Jeannet’s blog is written in Dutch (fair enough for she does live in Holland) so the translate button was employed (which can make for very funny reading sometimes).  Jeannet’s Pincushion Swap is open for sign-ups until 5 September 2010.

I’m looking forward to receiving my partners’ details so I can visit their blogs and start planning what to make for them…

Happy Stitching…


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  1. Going well, not only finished your stitchalong for the month, but OPAM as well, and now you’re embarking on extra curricular sewing as well. You’ll have callouses on your sewing fingers!

  2. Hi Jindi,
    that is fabulous news that you will do Secret Santa this year with Chookyblue, I have done the past two, and have received some lovely gifts and also had fun making for other people.

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