On Track…

At last…I’m on track with the A Gardener’s Journal Stitch-A-Long timetable…wahoo!!!

The tradies finished the fence and packed up their tools on the biggest stitchery, the house…so finally…Block C for June…

Block C - A Gardener's Journal


Block H for July…

Block H - A Gardener's Journal

and they were completed with an hour to go before August kicked in!  Yay!!!

Hoping to keep on track each month now…well, you gotta have hope, doesn’t mean it will actually happen…but it is a theory….about half way through the first stitchery for the August block (helped by actually making it to Monday sewing group for a couple of hours for a change yesterday morning), which only has two stitcheries…after the house block all the rest are downhill…good strategy employed there by the Chief Motivator Chookyblue.

And what do we have here?  A pile of ponchettes…

A pile of ponchettes waiting for binding

…production line sewing *LOL*…ready for their binding.  Only snag in that plan is that I haven’t made it yet…and I was over the production line at this point so moved on to sitting on the couch and hand stitching.

Hope your weekend was productive…

Happy Stitching….


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  1. Hey, great going there in the completion stakes. Well done. (careful, mightn’t sit near you anymore- achieving highly!)
    Onwards with August.

  2. Those blocks are looking good! All those mini ponchettes?? glad you didn’t overdo it and actually finish them!
    Here’s to a productive August.

  3. Well, hello there Ms “Overachiever” umm… I mean Ms Jindi! lol!!
    Your blocks are sooo awesome!! LOVE♥ them! and the lil’ bags look sooo interesting 🙂
    You’ve motivated me to get back to the sewing room!!

  4. Wow your blocks are coming along and looking good! I am loving how these quilt blocks are working out.. I just might have to think about a project like this someday 🙂

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