Watch This Space…

Why?  Because there is a chance of two more A Gardener’s Journal blocks by the end of the day…meaning I’ll have caught up to the timetable in the Stitch-A-Long.

The tradies have finally packed up their tools, the fence is finished and so is the house stitchery.

Wahoo!!  Put the final stitches in the fence yesterday morning before work…June stitcheries tick!…

and…last night was the night for one of my quilting groups and after a couple of obsessive, “I WILL get this finished before I do anything else!” hours…the garden tools collection was completed…

add a tick for July stitcheries as well.

Hoping to get the two blocks together later today and add two more to the group tally by July’s end and two more letters after my name! Yay!!!!

That is, right after I come back from a trip up the highway to collect my new sewing machine that I accidentally put on lay-by a few weeks ago when I took P-faff to be serviced and discovered that, apparently, P-faff needed a sibling…that was yesterday’s plan until work intervened and put a crimp in my stitchy related plans.  Right, stop procrastinating and get on the road and up the highway…

Until next time…

Happy stitching…


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  1. The stitching is looking good – now it is the assistant Pfaff’s turn to do some work!

    Look forward to seeing these blocks here tonight when I get back from the mother’s birthday dinner.

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