Show Time!…

This weekend the Melbourne Stitches and Craft Show was on in Jeff’s Shed and yesterday I set out to meet Mistea and spend the afternoon in crafty goodness.

I finally made it into Melbourne…you know how sometime the universe is telling you you shouldn’t have got out of bed? Well, that was my yesterday morning so I didn’t make it in as early as I would have liked…good thing being Saturday the show was open until 7:00pm.

First off we did the shopping thing…

A combination of crossing items off the “wish list”, project requirements and a small “just ‘coz”…

A 14 1/2″ square ‘coz you can’t have too many variations of ruler…pinking shears which I’ve wanted for ages, the pinking wheel on the rotary cutter isn’t always right for every occassion…a pair of those gorgeous Scissaroo embroidery scissors…a set of jelly roll templates of varied shapes…bag batting for the two projects from the Inspired Stitches weekend…and a cute pattern for a purse just ‘coz it was there and I liked it.

What? No fabric???  You’re right…but I did get a fabric fix with this yummyness that Mistea kindly picked up for me when she went to Ink & Spindle’s last open studio event…which I’d quite forgotten about but she remembered to bring with her yesterday…

Then, retail therapy taken care of we made our way into the VicQuilters display of quilty inspiration…

Inspiration from Jeff's Shed 2010

It always takes a good couple of hours to get around the quilts and absorb the inspiration.  Yep, good thing it was open until 7:00pm because we left at about, oh, 6:50pm!!!  They didn’t quite have to kick us out but we certainly made the most of the time available.

By now it was time for tea and the tummies were a bit peckish so we wandered over to Southgate and had the most scrummy dinner at The Blue Train Cafe…after much deliberation because there were too many yummy choices we both settled on veal scallopine and citrus berry tarts which were to die for…definitely good choices. Delicious!!

Still plugging away on the A Gardener’s Journal Stitch-A-Long getting that fence put up around the house…it certainly isn’t a quick job but there is a week to go of July so if my neck stops playing silly buggers and let’s me stitch for longer periods I might just get it done…I hate it when it’s being able to work or stitching ‘coz the being able to work bit always has to win.

Hope your weekend was a good one and you got some crafty goodness in there.

Happy Stitching…


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  1. Wow Jindi.. it sounds like you and Ms T had a fabulous time this weekend.. I am so jealous.. I wish I could have been there with you for all the fun. Wow a 14 1/2 sq… you plan on making some huge quilt sqs 😉 lol I know that the perferred size for sq up 🙂 Always nice to have one in the set of quilting tools 😉

  2. Hiya…I had fun at 6 to midnight tonight…it’s kind of odd talking through blogland when we were sitting across a table just an hour ago LOL. Great blog…I’ll be checking back often. XX

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