A Road Trip…A Patchwork Shop…and Cake!

Imcoming text message “Do we need to go to Ballarat for cake?”

As it turned out…yes!

And what happens when you go to Ballarat for cake…um, this lot comes home with you…

Jodie of Vintage Ric Rac fame organised a coffee and cake get together for local bloggy/crafty types at the new Ballarat establishment “Cake” for Saturday and issued a general invitation which Mistea and I found too tempting to turn down.

And, as a bonus, Ballarat Patchwork are having their stocktake sale and well, you can see the result.  Mistea and I met at the patchwork shop before meandering around to “Cake” and then there was a bit of a group expedition back to the patchwork shop after the coffee and cake and chat had taken place and well, there was stuff in the shop the second time that I swear wasn’t there two hours earlier!!!  OK, maybe it was but there is so much good stuff that I obviously needed to take a second look.

The fabric is to make more of the mini pochette baggies for Christmas presents (how organised is that!).  How cute is the elephant pattern…it is only 4 1/2″, cute pincushions hey…and was just too cute to leave in the shop.  Mind you I still haven’t made up the cute pattern I bought at their sale last year!!   The apple core templates have been on the want/wish list for a long time and were too good to pass up so they made their way into the collection as well.

Such a fun day…the bloggy/crafty types coffee gathering was way fun and the cake was delish – a raspberry vanilla cup cake, mmm mmm mmm.  Definitely a good way to spend a rainy cold Saturday.

Happy sewing…


Posted on June 28, 2010, in quilting and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Didn’t realise the elephants made the trip home – they should be fun to have around the place. Can’t wait to see all those little baggy things with the posh name made up in these cute fabrics.

  2. You lucky girls… I love your materials.. they are fantastic. To spend the lovely day with a friend PRICELESS!!

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