Jindi Tours…

Because it was a long weekend here, after the Kelpie Festival we stayed in Mount Gambier for the rest of the weekend.  Yesterday we went for a bit of a drive to the coast…along the way we climbed a mountain (well a very high hill anyway)…Mount Schank.  It was a looonnnggg way up a lot of steps…there were a lot of humans coming down the hill at the same time we were going up so we sat on the seats along the way so groups of humans could pass…one of the nice ladies stopped and gave me some pats.  Mount Schank is one of the volcanic craters around this area.

Then we went to the beach!!  Port MacDonnell is a fishing village not too far from Mount Gambier.  The human stopped and got herself yummy fish & chips for lunch but as dogs weren’t allowed on the watery bits in the town we went for a drive along the road and found a beach bit where I could play.  I love playing in sand and it was a fun beach…there were rocks to climb on and funny smelly seaweed stuff to sniff and the water was rushing in and playing with me – a lot!!

We drove back a different way and went to Nelson which is on the Glenelg River and quite different from Port MacDonnell even though it is not very far down the road.

Today we stayed in Mount Gambier…

I got to go for lots of walks today…we went to see the lakes – there are lakes here in volcano craters…at the moment Blue Lake is changing to its winter grey colour but it was still fairly blue.  We climbed up and down lots of steps on the tracks around the lakes.  We walked up to Centenary Tower as well…a 400 metre walk climbing 85 metres…yay no steps but on the way back we went a different way and there were lots more steps…but at least we went down these ones and not up, I was getting tired of climbing up and down so many steps.  It was a long way up there and I stood on the rocks and had a good look around at the nice view.  After lunch we went back into town and had a little walk around Cave Garden and Umpherstone Sink hole.  I wasn’t allowed down into the sink hole garden so I had to go back and wait in Larry but I had a good walk around the park first so that was OK.

We don’t get to play tomorrow because the human has to go to the work place in the afternoon so we have to drive back home first thing tomorrow morning.

Woofs and Tail Wags, Jindi


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  1. Jindi sounds like you have had some adventures – Hope you didn’t make your mum too tired to drive home tomorrow.

    Travel Safe.

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