Jindi Goes (South) West…

The human took took me for a ride in Larry the Lancer Friday morning and took me to work with her…I was very good and I waited patiently in Larry until she finished doing whatever it is she does there…then…we drove and drove and drove and passed through my country…I was born in the Western District of Victoria in a place called Glenthompson…and still we kept on going until finally we came to a place called Mount Gambier which is in the next State, South Australia.

Then, yesterday, we got back into Larry and drove back to Victoria and we saw lots and lots of other Kelpies…we went to a special festival that was devoted to my relatives…it was all about Kelpies…how good is that!!  First off there was a street parade and we watched all the people and dogs and floats go past.  I was a bit scared of those music makers but they went past quickly enough and I was OK again.

Then there were some novelty events like a sack race where the human jumped along the street in a sack and their Kelpie very sensibly walked!  They also did this 11 legged race thingy where two humans tied legs together so that they had three not four between them and then they ran down the street with two Kelpies…who again were very sensible and just used all their legs!  It was a bit funny seeing the humans being so silly.  Then some clever Kelpies did tricks for Kelpie Idol.  I was good while we stood and watched the entertainment.

It had been a busy morning so far…we moved down the street a bit and watched some other creatures joining in the fun…some sheep who raced in Mutton Mayhem and some ducks in Duck Pinball.

I was trying to be helpful and I tried to help with the sheep and ducks but apparently my help wasn’t wanted…I tried and tried and tried to help but nope, I wasn’t allowed…

We stayed the whole day.  We watched the stockmen/stockwomen and their horses and dogs work some sheep (I wasn’t allowed to help out there either) and Kelpies run up a really really big hill to their human who was at the top…a nice bloke called Ben, apparently he is from Getaway on the tele box thingy, sat down to have a chat with us and gave me lots of pats…lots of people were nice to me…I saw the the man from were I lived when I was a teeny tiny puppy before I could leave my mum…and lots and lots of other Kelpies to say hi to.

It was a good day…I hope we get to come back next year…maybe I could play in an event.

Woofs and Tail Wags…Jindi


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  1. Well Jindi… it sounds like you had a wonderful day with your Mum…. What I want to know is where was the food and where in the heck were the quilts???
    Pitty Is like you she would have wanted to help also 🙂
    Now lets not talk about the Tonk Tonk Ba Donk Ka Donk … he really would have wanted to jump in there.. because Border Collies will work for bones 😉

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