A Bit of This and A Bit of That…

Nothing finished but at least today I actually got to sew.  Yay!!  No work today – happy dancing.

Yesterday local quilt group had a Miniature Quilts workshop/class which was booked and paid for yonks ago…like sometime last year…in fact, it could have been before the Big Trip Over the Water it was That Long Ago (it was postponed and rescheduled).  So what happens…I had to work!!!!  Aaagghhh……….the workshop was from 9:30 to 4:00ish.  I got there close to 1:00pm.  Consequently not a lot was achieved…had nice chats and played with my coloured pencils which was about all my frazzled brain had the capacity to do…hence the teeny tiny little bit of sewing.  The rest of the group were using their sewing machines but I flatly refuse to sew teeny tiny on the machine…it does my head in, I’m much happier hand piecing.  I may or may not make the actual project but I gleaned some information and tips and for me that is the purpose of doing a class not making the item so much.

So today, after the houseworky stuff was done and being far too wet to mow the grass/weeds, I sat at the machine and quilted the flannel Obsession quilt.  It hasn’t come up too bad…now I just need to cut binding and stitch it on and ready to take with me to Mt Gambier on the upcoming long weekend.

Last month’s A Gardener’s Journal stitcheries are coming along slowly…the May block has five.  I’ve stitched the smallest three and started on the first of the larger two which are about the same size.  At this rate I may be done with May by the end of June.

One more week of work work work – my colleague is back from her trip to warmer climes after the long weekend – double yay, resumption of normal scheduling!!!!

Hope your week was more productive in the sewing room than mine.

Enjoy your week.

Happy sewing…


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  1. Working outside the sewing room really is not the best use of ones time.

    Liking the Obsession – you’ll have it done just in time so you don’t have to freeze in these reduced temps.

    That sure is teeny tiny – understand why that will be a hand stitching task. OOh – nice new project – lovely colours.

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