Wandering to Waverley…

Sunday I trekked to the Mt Waverley Community Centre to meet up with Mistea and take a squiz at the Waverley Patchworkers quilt show…and well worth the trek it was.  We started with a lovely warm welcome at the door followed by lunch (well it was a trek after all) and the lovely ladies in the kitchen had done themselves proud with nice sandwiches, muffins and slices.  Brownie points were awarded for the response to my request for two coffees – instant or plunger? What! Decent coffee – yay!!!

Fortified and refreshed we headed to the quilts.

First a display of Art Quilts…

Waverley Art Quilts

The Art Quilt little lovelies were no bigger than about A4 and there were three stands of them!  Busy busy talented ladies.  Now, while I can appreciate art quilts, usually they do very little for me in terms of making me want to play in that area but these had the opposite effect…very inspiring.

Then back to the foyer for the Challenge quilts.  The theme was something like “Field of Flowers” (I can’t quite remember the exact wording I was told).  Again, these were miniature sized quilts with so much work and detail.

This was my favourite…the flowers had 3D elements and I really could imagine walking through that field of flowers.

Field of Flowers Challenge Quilt

And this one…just because it was interesting…loads of embroidery and incorporating cut work to reveal the background underneath.

Waverley Patchworkers Challege Quilt

There were two rooms of small and large quilts…those Waverley ladies sure are a talented bunch…lots and lots of inspiration…here are few of my favourites…

Australian Wagga

I’m quite partial to Waggas and like the way she has incorporated the Southern Cross and quilted Australian animals into her design.

This gorgeous creation had flowers with 3D elements as well…beautiful flowers.

Teeny Tiny Hexagons

Now the whole quilt hexagon was only maybe 12″ across so you can imagine just how teeny tiny these hexagons are…

And last but certainly not least…(I tried to get WordPress to let me insert the photos side by side and do words underneath but it’s just too hard)…

Stained Glass 2

Stained Glass 1

These two quilts were made by a grandmother for her grandsons who are brothers…looking at them through the camera they really did look like stained glass windows.  A fantastic display of the different look/feel achieved by the use of colour…makes for two very different quilts while retaining the essence of being the same.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual quilt show…to see some more of the quilts pop over to Mistea.

I’ve not anything of consequence of my own to show for this weekend…I’ve started the stitcheries for the next block of A Gardener’s Journal and spent Saturday night basting the Obsession flannel quilt.  I’ve got extra work on at the moment which cuts into the stitchy time available.

Happy sewing…


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