Crocodile Smiles … and A Giveaway …

Ha, that gotcha didn’t it…well it isn’t MY giveaway (I’m seriously not that organised) but it is Clare’s to celebrate her releasing Chris the Crocodile loose into the world.

Earlier this year Clare blogged that she had a new pattern in the works and would be looking for pattern testers, which sounded like a whole lot of fun to me so I put my hand up and lucky me got to play along.  What could the pattern be? An envelope duly arrived and  Well, it was a crocodile softie called Chris.  But mine is a cheeky chap and he refuses to answer to Chris…insists that his name is Clarence.  So here he is…Clarence the Crocodile…

Clarence the Crocodile

I don’t know what happened with his tail, it went a bit twisty. He has his collar and lead on so he can go for walks…so far he has only made it to the back porch where he insisted on climbing on the furniture.

I enjoyed pattern testing Clarence – or rather Chris – I hope you enjoyed meeting him.

Happy sewing…


Posted on June 1, 2010, in Softie and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Thanks so much ! Doesn’t Clarence look comfy !

  2. Hi! Jindi ~
    I LOVE Clarence, think he’s great, and his tail gives him his own lil’ personality 🙂
    Thanks for sharing him and the info about Clare’s giveaway!
    Have a great day!

  3. So this is what you were making.. he is so fun…. I love the fabric choices you used for him.. really gives him style… 😉
    Just a quick other note.. my internet is on the fritz… comes and goes.. repairman hopefully on my next day off 😉

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