What do you get with 4 hours of fabric cutting?…


a collection of ziplock bags with fabric bits inside.

The cutting is done for A Gardener’s Journal  – almost.  Some of the stitcheries have borders around them and those strips need to be cut but frankly I’m done for the day.  The lurgy is still having a grand holiday in Resort Me and this is about all I can manage for today.

Georgetown Circle had a meltdown earlier in the day which led to the change of project and cutting frenzy.  The section of outer circle that I sewed on last night and this morning somehow wasn’t quite right and I’ve had to reverse sew that part.  I’ll have another go maybe tomorrow at sewing group if I manage to get there.  It’s not too drastic just a bit annoying as I was so hoping to be able to work on the final piecing of the outer pieces that square up the circle and finalise the block – oh well, what’s another day in a project that has been ongoing for too long now.

Hope your Sunday was productive.

Happy Stitching…


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  1. Careful now, don’t over do it! Good to see you felt up to some fabric therapy.

  2. The joys of taking a perfectly good piece of material and cuting it up only to make it into another piece of material.

  3. A Gardener’s Journal? That sounds intruiging…I can’t wait to see what it will look like.

    Thans for visiting my blog. Sorry I couldn’t stay any longer last night – maybe we can find each other again next Saturday?

    Have a great week and happy stitching!
    Doris 🙂

  4. LOL your cutting up strips and I have been sewing strips tonight. I love the color choices for your garden quilt fabrics.. Your coming right along with your project! I can hardly wait to see it completed 😉
    Those almost look like reproduction prints are they??
    Ps love the new look of the blog 😉

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