…Stitcher down…lurgy in residence…

Meet my new best friends…

…who have kept me company all week 😦  Aside from dragging myself to work all other action has been reduced to couch sleeping and mindless blog wandering…not even enough brain cells firing to actually comprehend anything but pretty pictures.

For the safety of all fabric, sharp implements – needles, rotary cutters, scissors – were put on top of the fridge out of reach…sewing activity ground to a halt.

Last night being Friday Night Sew-In…certain sharp implements were brought out of the safety zone and Georgetown Circle, as the project voted least in danger of being totally stuffed up with no decision making or fabric cutting required, was attempted.  I didn’t get far…just too exhausting even to sew short seams.  Today has been better and while catching up with the week’s TV viewing on the PC…

…Almost there…the last quarter of the outer circle to be stitched on and the corners to go.   The corners require tracing of template and cutting of fabric which is still a bit dodgy but if I’m really careful the fabric may survive the operation.

The corners are shirtings…I have two pieces of fabric ready to.  I’ll do two corners and then decide whether to use four different shirtings or just the two.

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with a finished block all ready to mail off to the recipient and take it’s place with the other blocks in her quilt top.

Hope you make or made better progress with Friday Night Sew-In than I did…

Happy Stitching…


Posted on May 22, 2010, in Friday Night Sew-In and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Hope the bug vacates soon!!

    Your cirle is looking very good – almost done. Yippee

  2. Circle looks great.
    I love the new look of your blog, what a surprise when I came to visit.

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