12 Paws Went Walking…

…around the Castlemaine Botanic Gardens…

We set off early today and went for a ride for in the car to Castlemaine to play at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk along with my cousin Millie (blonde labrador) and her friend Lila (Jack Russell x Fox Terrier).  Lila is very little and she was a bit scared at first of all the bigger dogs.  Me and Millie were SO excited.  So many humans gave us pats and loves.  We looked pretty special in our blue Million Paws Walk gear.  Lila is so little that the blue coats were all too big for her but she looked pretty spiffy in her red number to match her harness.  We were all dressed up and we had somewhere to go…wahoo!  We walked around the gardens Twice and had a lovely time.  I was admired by So Many humans – they sure had good sense when it came to recognising quality – ha ha ha.  I was a very good girl and played very nicely with all the other dogs.  I sure did like meeting everyone.

Then we went into town and played Cafe Society while the humans had lunch…they sat at an outside table so we didn’t have to wait in the cars and we got to be admired again.  My human gave Millie and me an apple each…yummy, we both like apples a lot.

We went for another walk then around the shops and I got to chat with some other doggies while their humans admired me (I do like being admired) and chatted to my human.

Now I’m really really tired after my Big Day Out so I think it is time for me to curl up in my bed box and have a bit of a snooze.

Love, Jindi


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