Hey Hey It’s…A Gardener’s Journal…

What does a girl do while watching Hey Hey It’s Saturday (yes I know it is Wednesday.  You really do have to be an Aussie, it just does not translate so I’m not going to try)…iron stabiliser on all the stitcheries for A Gardener’s Journal and start stitching the first block in the Stitch-A-Long

Wahoo!!!!  You’re impressed, you know you are…come on, that’s a good dozen stitches in there and it has only taken six weeks since the Stitch-A-Long was started…hard to keep up with the lightning speed isn’t it! *LOL*

I started tracing the stitcheries yesterday and rather than just do what I needed “for now” have traced them all.  Each block in the quilt has it’s own ziplock plastic bag labelled with its block letter id and the month in which that block is to be stitched…are you scared yet? I am starting to be!!

I want to cut all the fabrics for each block as well but couldn’t resist putting in a few stitches first so that I can say I’ve started…finally.  The fabric cutting can wait for another day..but the aim is to have all the blocks ready so that each month I only have to sew without finding time (and motivation) for preparation.  It will be the first time I’ve prepared a project this thoroughly before starting but I’m hoping it will make it all easier in the long run.

Oh and the next Friday Night Sew-In is May 21st. Hop on over and visit Heidi to sign up and play along.

Happy Sewing…


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  1. go for it………..you’ll be caught up in no time……….

  2. Hope you get time for one or two more stitches real soon.

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