Slow Boat to … Switzerland!!!

After waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting – well it would have been a calendar month tomorrow since despatch and that is a loooonnnnngggg time to wait for something that normally takes a teeny bit over a week! – it is here…the fabric that GF Ms K and I ordered from Hancocks on Easter Monday finally arrived today…

…via SWITZERLAND!!!  What the????? The United States of America to Australia via Europe! Talk about taking the long way round.

I have to tell you that now we don’t have to do the panic dance (it doesn’t take much to make for the happy dancing … sad isn’t it *LOL*) that it had been lost, delivered to the wrong address, captured by customs or any other scenario that had been running through our heads for the past three weeks we are left to ponder…

What the ? was it doing taking a tour of Europe without US!!!!  It really is unacceptable behaviour to go on holiday without permission or chaperoning.

Well, it is here now and to celebrate…



…time to measure and cut as we are sharing the bolt of fabric inside.





Happy sewing…

(I will be now I can finally start Gardener’s Journal – a month late! So glad I was organised and signed up early *Sigh*)


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  1. How sweet is that? Not only did the fabric holiday without us, but it came home with a bow!!!

  2. wow would probably amaze us where parcels travel to to get to us……… far out of the way do they go……….

    now you can start stitching………….yippee……….

  3. Glad it finally found its new home!! Happy stitching.

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