Blue is the New Black…

My human tells me that we are going on a special walk….but I have to wait until Sunday May 16 for the RSPCA Million Paws Walk.  What is with that?  Talk about getting a girl all excited and then shutting the door – mmmph!  Parcel Guy came to the door and I got a present…a new coat.  Of course, I had to put it on straight away and see how it fit…

Isn’t it a lovely colour…it will keep me nice and warm and dry on the walk day…we are going to the Castlemaine walk so there is a chance that it may be a bit chilly.  My cousin Milly who is a blonde labrador and has a very special job – she works for Customs making them bee-u-tiful puppies – will be coming along and bringing her human (my human’s cousin) and she has a special Customs coat.  My human didn’t want me to be left out and be nakid and cold.

And the human – she Finally came back from her latest Abandoning Jindi weekend – good thing I have my back-up human to keep me company and put food in my bowl – I tell you, this wandering off for days on end without me has got to stop, it just isn’t good enough – Humans!



Posted on May 4, 2010, in Jindi. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. You’re looking just gorgeous Jindi – I believe that colour suits you.

    (Your thing-umy says I’ve moved again!)

  2. Naughty, naughty human! Abandoning Jindi weekend’s suck! You look so bee-autiful in your new blew coat, but then you’d look good in any color beause you are a very sweet girl!

  3. Oh Jindi you are the fashion plate of Oz land.. the color looks so pretty with your eyes. 🙂 You must tell your human she needs to stay home so she can rub your tummy… because sweet sweet puppies do get lonely!! If she doesn’t stay home Jindi you will have to hide her favorite pair of scissors.. that way she can’t go anywhere until she finds them…
    Sit Jindi Sit 🙂

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