Camp Maldon…

Playing at local quilting group camp this weekend in lovely Maldon in Central Victoria…

A view up the main street this morning while DF Ms Andrea and I were out for our morning constitutional (OK, OK, so morning visit to local patchwork shop).

We arrived early afternoon yesterday and moved our sewing things in….

Yes, Andrea & I kind of made a bit of a nest – he he he.  That isn’t our comfy red chair but I’ve got my eye on it!  All set up and ready for action we wandered off down the street for our afternoon constitutional (OK, OK, initial visit to local patchwork shop during which I managed to be very restrained and not purchase a thing!) including a lovely coffee (and scones and jam for me, well, I hadn’t had lunch and it was 3:00pm!).  Then back to it and what did I achieve?  Well, I managed to avoid making a decision (I packed just about the entire sewing room as decision making wasn’t a strong point in the lead up to the adventure) until almost tea-time.  Made a decision and wouldn’t you know it, couldn’t find pattern amendments that were emailed to me for that project so changed tack to…if you look really really closely in the picture there is a tiny little block pinned on the wall.  Yep, that was my achievement for the night.  My first Dear Jane block.  I also started my last Dear Jane block.  It isn’t an ongoing project….it is a task from the other quilting group I’m a member of and once I finish the second one that’s it!  I have absolutely no ambition to do Dear Jane and this is as close as I’m getting.  We were given two set blocks each and the plain fabric (which is b….. ugly by the way) and had to provide the other fabric.

During our constitutional this morning I chanced upon a remnant that was just right for binding on a little quilt top that had been languishing, so back to camp and this afternoon’s effort is….

Derwent the Dragon is quilted and now just needs binding.  The purple star fabric in the bottom right hand corner is the remnant I found this morning for binding.

Time to consult the project pile and see what to work on next…

Happy Sewing…


Posted on May 1, 2010, in Quilts. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. What an impact into the project pile!!! LOL.
    Hope to see a whole lot more by the end of the weekend.
    Mmmmmm scones sounds nice.

  2. Greetings from your non-quilting friend, Doris, who has missed yet another Chat in Needles and Pins due to her returning from out of town and being dead tired.
    I love the idea of scones and jam and the tiny block isn’t bad either – main thing is that you enjoyed yourself. I really do love Derwent the Dragon. He’s very adorable!

    Happy sewing and have a great and productive week. I need to kick it up a notch myself. Haven’t been crocheting like I usually do. Too much going on I suppose.

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