Where the! Did April GO?

Seriously, how can it be the end of April…what happened to the bit in the middle…you know the bit between the 1 and 30 on the calendar???  I have achieved so little this month in the sewing room 😦  OK, so I did go to Adelaide for Inspired aStitches but that only accounts for five days – what happened to the other 25?  Huh, where are they and why didn’t I notice they were missing??  Oh well, guess it’s done now, nothing I can do to get it back.

So for the month of April my entire achievement is….ta dah….drum roll…..


Yep, I finished the stitchery for the Strawberry Frenzy bucket bag.  Good huh! Major achievement?  OK, you can stop laughing now at my pitiful progress….at least I’m here to make everyone else feel good about how much they can achieve in comparison…got to have some purpose don’t I?

For OPAM I have, um, well, zip, nada, nothing, it ain’t gunna happen…

For Gardener’s Journal Stitch-A-Long….Still No Background Fabric to Stitch On, Waaaahhhhhhh.  The fabric ordered on 6 April has still NOT arrived!  Have you ever felt jinxed, I certainly do with trying to get this fabric and all we want is plain – ordered muslin, no go…moved across to Moda Bella Solid – still no go.  It seems like it would easier to obtain some rare vintagey one 2″ square left in the entire world fabric than a good old plain solid!!!! And in a cream/beige colour no less, not even a colour that isn’t as common as common – sheesh!

I’m off to local quilting group’s camp this weekend…OK la de dah’s “retreat”….but a retreat is a quiet complentative experience, have you ever been on a quilters retreat that meets that criteria?  No?  I thought not!  So, I rest my case, I’m going to Camp.

Have a great weekend and if I manage to do something more than just bobbleheading on the weekend I might even manage to post about it…I’m going to have finishes for May…I am…really…trust me….

Right, now to decide just which sewing projects are going to have a ride in the car and back…

Happy sewing….


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  1. not sure where April went either but it disappeared fast………such a bummer re the back ground fabric………I thought you were right when you chance to the other fabric………..hopefully very soon it will arrive……….

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