Not a Great Deal of Progress…

Not a lot of stitchy time happening here after the wonderful weekend that was Inspired Stitches.  Back to work Tuesday with an earlier start than usual after getting home late Monday night, it has taken until today to get caught up on the sleep and domestic stuff.  Even the unpacking of the sewing stuff wasn’t undertaken until yesterday afternoon.

All the fabric that came home with me is now washed and waiting to be ironed so that is a step in the right direction.  Meanwhile, I decided Strawberry Frenzy would take centre stage in an effort to progress one of my Inspired Stitches projects.  Once I found it that is…there was a mild case of panic happening in the sewing room last night when I couldn’t find the strawberry applique!  Crisis was averted and hyperventillating recovered from when it was located.  So far this I’ve managed this…

As soon as I stitched the green outer circle I felt it really make the applique come alive.  The green is a Cosmo thread and it has the most lovely sheen.  I have to admit to not being a DMC devotee, sure DMC threads have their place don’t get me wrong (the aqua used for the bluebirds is a DMC and I love that colour – no they are not fish, the beaks and eyes are still to be stitched) but I love using other embroidery threads and I’m thinking that Cosmo threads may have to form their own little stash in the thread box.  The lazy daisy flowers are Cottage Gardens Thread in Larkspur and this is another gorgeous thread to work with, a collection of which may have to find their way to my house too.

Now back to trying to catch up on the items in my Google Reader – I’ve managed to reduce it from 107 and I don’t follow that many blogs!!! Blogland sure has been chatty the last couple of weeks while I wasn’t able to keep up with the reading portion of my day.  Oh oh, while I have been typing this some more items have popped in….back to stitching and reading.

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand…a very important day for our two nations.



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  1. Glad you set me straight I was trying to figure out how fish were connected to strawberries!
    Looking pretty.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments. Yesterday, Honey Bear built me a light box and I washed 3 background materials. I was going to use a cream or white on white but the print made it hard to see the stitching lines to mark them. I think I am going to use a domestic. I bought the thread on Friday, couldn’t find the weave line to go on back. I bought some iron on stabilizer. I don’t know if that will work. Chooky was good enough to send me the first stitching patterns. I have no excuse now so after I press and prepare the material, I’ll be stitching later today.
    After reading about ANZAC on two AU blogs, I looked it up. It is similar to our Memorial Day which we celebrate in May.
    Happy Stitching,
    Mama Bear

  3. Happy Anzac Day to you sweet friend. 🙂

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