More Inspired Stitching…

Day 2 of Inspired Stitches.  Another great day of stitching with some of the people we played with yesterday and some new playmates.  The tables were re-allocated and we were sitting with different ladies today including the other Victorian!…so funny as she lives not that far from DF Ms K and MF Ms G!  It’s a small small world.  More lovely South Australians as well who were there only for today.

Both Natalies spent time at our table giving us the benefit of their knowledge which was great.

I started my Natalie Ross project, Strawberry Frenzy…

There is stitchery to be done around the applique but I set out to do the applique this morning and finished that so moved on to Natalie Lymer’s stitchery.  Do you see the beautiful green satin stitching?…

Done by the very designer her very own self…satin stitch is not my very favourite and it was fantastic to have it demonstrated and a couple of tips passed along to make the process just that little bit better.  Today’s effort (by me) has been the green stitching…not a huge amount of progress but at least I managed some.

But DF Ms G (no blog)…well the star of our little group…Ta Dah!…one finished stitchery…

She certainly set a cracking pace…I can assure you, I won’t be matching it *LOL*.

So that is Adelaide, we leave tomorrow morning to power on home.  But, we will be back…this was a fantastic event, impeccably organised with great tutors.  Huge Kudos to Sarah and her team for putting on such a wonderful Event.  And, along with the very first visit to Inspired Stitchers, I also experienced my very first earthquake!  Yes, Adelaide was so excited to have us along that it put on a 3.8 richter scale earthquake – a very strange experience indeed and loud!!!

Back to Victoria tomorrow and back to work Tuesday….darn that reality check!!

Happy sewing…


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  1. Your strawberry looks good enough to eat.
    Sounds like all in all a productive weekend, too bad about the earthquake.

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