Inspired Stitching…

Day 1 of the Inspired Stitches retreat … so much fun….greeted at the door with a lovely welcome…a bright airy room…bags of goodies on our chairs with patterns and starter kits, extra patterns, fabric, lollies, and more all in a hessian carry bag…two lovely designers in Natalie Ross and Natalie Lymer…first order of the day, morning tea…relaxation mode right off the bat…and Then…the projects were revealed…

From Natalie Ross…

Strawberry Frenzy…a bucket bag, a snazzy pincushion arrangement for the sewing machine and a lanyard to keep essential sewing helpers close at hand.

From Natalie Lymer…

Just Darling…a larger bucket bag with accompanying needle book and gadet bags in three sizes.

Are we just spoilt, they are georgeous projects from two very lovely ladies…

And what did I accomplish other than my usual class bobbleheading…

A good start on the large stitchery for the Just Darling bucket bag…the threads included in the kit are Cosmo and they are Sooooo Nice to work with and georgeous colours, really clear and beautiful shades.

Now to prepare the strawberry applique for the Strawberry Frenzy bucket bag for Day 2 – well, got to have a go at both projects, can’t be showing favouritism – he he he.

Happy Sewing…


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  1. Lots of goodies there. Now if you could make me that lanyard I would be very happy – Thanks.
    Like what you have done so far on your stitchery. Oooh pretty.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. what a lovely day and nice projects……….

  3. Ahhh, there you are, Jindi 😉 That sounds wonderful – a dream come true! I know you’re having a great time and I appreciate your taking the time to share with us. Enjoy and happy stitching 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. I’ve hoped over from FNSin via the U.S. but normal home in Sydney. The trip sounds lovely. Nice to read the names of places in the Great South Land.

    Enjoy your weekend. Terry

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