Adelaide We’re Here!…

Before leaving Mt Gambier this morning we stopped by the local patchwork shop – Stitch ‘N’ Knit.  If you are passing through Mt Gambier do yourself a favour and stop…but be warned, it won’t be a quick stop…we were in the shop for at least an hour and could quite easily have spent much longer…a large airy shop with an amazing array of fabric, books, fabric, threads, fabric, needlework projects, fabrics, wool, fabric, notions, fabric, teddy bear mohair, fabric, a great friendly non-pushy shop owner happy to just let us wander around and touch and wander and watch her long arm quilting machine do its thing and wander and have a chat and take our time…and did I mention the fabric?  Something for everyone – and not just a token bolt or two either…of course some retail therapy was undertaken to keep yesterday’s booty company…

Bags of quilty goodness…

And inside…

Delightfully Sew, Colac

Additions to the “A Day in the Country” collection which seems to be taking on a life of its own and forming its very own stash *LOL*

Terang Cottage Crafts at the Courthouse, Terang

A sweet little Moda spot… can’t have too many spots in the stash apparently – he he he

Fragrant Cottage, Warrnambool

A great find…flannel on the sale shelf (love the sale shelf) at $8.00 a metre and just right to back “The Obssession” quilt, yay.  Along with some pieces of the latest French General Le Jardin range which is for Summer School 2011.  We have no idea what Karen’s quilt is but she has given many hints about this range being a big part of the surprise and these 20cm strips were just too pretty to leave behind.

Stitch ‘N’ Knit, Mt Gambier

And then there was this morning…I saved over $100.00!!!  The large pieces were all $10.00 a metre sale bolts…and there was a huge range…too good to pass up for backings, along with the green flannel.  Minimum cut for the sale fabrics was 30cm, how civilised is that – no need for a 1/2 metre or 1 metre minimum purchase.  Fat quarters were on sale at 1/2 price – the left are cottons, the right are flannels.  1/2 price shopping – good budgeting hey!  *ROFLOL*

Then it was time to power on through to Adelaide, arriving in time to check in with Sarah, our Inspired Stitches hostess, in the lovely bright airy room at Westminster College, Marion, where we will be spending the next two days for the workshops, collect our keys and settle into our home away from home until Monday morning – a three bedroom unit which is part of the girl’s boarding accommodation – comfy cosy.  A very nice meal at the Marion Hotel and back to get ready for the Friday Night Sew-In.  Let’s see, it’s now around 11:45 pm and I’m yet to thread a needle.  Can I go on Northern Hemisphere time please?  A couple of our fellow Inspired Stitchers dropped in to say hi which was lovely and before you know it, well, the stitching just isn’t happening.  Yep, I think I’m going to work on Northern Hemisphere time and declare tonight Thursday and tomorrow night Friday for the purpose of Friday Night Sew-In – he he he.

OK, maybe I’ll thread a needle…right after I make a cup of tea…

Hope you’re Friday Night Sew-In is more productive than mine is being….

Happy Sewing…


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