Fabric calling…

And I have heeded it’s call…a bundle of Rocky Mountain fabrics that I’ve had since, well, forever, like when they first appeared in Australia…inisted on playing along with the Gardener’s Journal Stitch-A-Long.  Slightly left of centre compared with the original but hey, it’s my quilt and I’m not all that good at copying, more using as a guideline – he he he.

So there it is, the Gardener’s Journal Stitch-A-Long project box so far.  And no,  Ms K, it doesn’t have a photo on the lid – ‘coz the book is inside, otherwise, yeah, yeah, I know, what you have to put up with…LOL.  But what about the actual stitcheries do I hear you ask?  Well,  GF Ms K  have a bolt of muslin on backorder for a different project and there will be extra meterage from that and I’m thinking it will be just the perfect colour – a kind of lightish latte coffeeish kinda shade of, um, beige?  Just gotta hope it comes in soon or I’ll be finishing April’s tasks in September!!  Mmm, that could happen anyway…

I’m off to Melbourne for a work gig this evening and on the way I’m being forced – can you see my arm being twisted up my back, ouch! ouch! stop it!!!  – to visit a couple of fabricy type stores on the way for some essential supplies – the embroidery floss colours for this project – for once I’m thinking a plan rather than a close the eyes and rummage around in the floss box for a suitable colour might be the way to go given it’s a whole quilt and continuity might be a good thing – and flannel for the borders of the obsession that was last weekend.  I was quite pleased that the obessession project was from the stash but what I earmarked for borders doesn’t work, in a really big way, just plain wrong, so there you have it, I have to shop!

Right I’m outta here or there’ll be no time to do the essential supplies shopping before I have to be at the coal face.

Happy sewing…


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  1. Those fabrics should be nice for the Gardener’s. Hope you got the fabric shopping done – I didn’t make it to the shop the traffic was – let’s just say busy – I’m sure everyone was heading west for the holidays!! Enjoy

  2. Hi there!

    I have just joined the Garden Journal. As your comments came up on my blog,
    I felt I had to write saying: Your words could have been written by me!!!
    But I am really looking forward to starting. Off to town to buy some tea-dye like fabric
    now,as I do not have so much left of older projects.
    Happy quilting from GrannyGrethe in Oslo,Norway.

  3. Really like your choice of fabrics. good idea about the embroidery thread. Hope you got all the necessary shopping done.

  4. Love that pattern. I’ve wanted to make that for some time. Enjoy your trip and your sewing.

  5. Now IF (I did say IF) I was to make this quilt I’d do it in repros, either CW’s or 30’s.. and maybe in redwork too.. just to be different…


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