As If I Don’t Have Enough UFOs…

Saturday I picked up a pattern that has been languishing in the pattern basket since May last year and became absolutely obsessed with making it…



in flannel.

So, I dragged out the flannel stash box, chose fabrics and then fought the compulsion to start a new project….after all, its not like I don’t have anything else to go on with.  But…I failed, cut the fabric last night and now…

I have this on the lounge room floor….

Which is how I spent this morning instead of going to sewing group.  Came home from work and I still like it – whew!  Guess now I need to sew all those squares together and not mess up the placement – oh dear, I should have known there’d be a catch.

Good thing it is Desperate Housewives/Brothers & Sisters night on the tele.

Happy Sewing…


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  1. But you finished one didn’t you? Hey like those colours – Pretty.

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