The Binding Needed Pile Grows…

The drag the sewing room into the lounge and get some quilting done plan appears to have worked …. I managed to knock a total of three “just finish the darn quilting bit will ya” projects on the head.  The third one being…

another Spiky Designs, this time the bush creatures of A Walk In the Bush.  I even followed the quilt layout (well almost) – yes folks, I followed the pattern – shock horror gasp!!  I used a variegated thread – definitely Anchor and a good chance it was 4150 – for the stitcheries and that dictated the neutral shade fabric choices, the designer used yellowy greens.

The outer border went a little crinkly but you know what, don’t care, I’ll fudge it, it will be fine. It’s for me, not Jeff’s Shed, so if the quilt police are offended, too bad.

The binding fabric is pinned to this project (whew!), not that I’m too sure that means it will actually get bound but you never know.  I’ve quilting group on Friday night that is a 6 hour Event (yes, with a capital E) so maybe, just maybe, I if I get myself organised (stop laughing it happens occasionally) and get the binding made and sewn on then I could take this along.  I could do that anyway as it is a machines expected group but I’m lazy about totting my machine around the place.

And today – after 73mm of lovely rain in 36 hours I woke to a beautiful blue sky sunny day perfect for getting outside and taking advantage of that lovely damp soil to deal with weeds and …. I have to go to work.  Typical!

So with that, best get myself organised, I’m starting three hours earlier than usual for a Tuesday.

Happy sewing…


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  1. Glad the rearrangement was beneficial to the sewing acheivements. This one is looking good and would look really nice hanging on your wall.

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