Startitis appears to have left the building this weekend and finishitis has taken it’s place.  Well, finishitis-ish that is.  Don’t want to get too carry away and do the complete finish.  Re-organisation of furniture took place yesterday morning with sewing paraphernalia, tables, machine, moving front and centre to the loungeroom for the forseeable future, along with a pile of projects that need the quilting finished.

These are the two projects that have made it to the next stage so far…

A table runner made from Spikey Designs Beautiful Birds stitcheries.  I love Spikey Designs projects.  The quilting is not actually sewn in pink, that is just the tailors chalk that I used to draw on the stitching lines.  I used a lovely King Tut variegated thread in a fawn for the quilting.

Dragonfly Lagoon, another Spikey Designs pattern.  The dragonflies are stitched in metallic embroidery thread and the border fabric is from Laurel Burch’s Mystical Horses range.  I’ve a few threads to sew in on this one then it is also ready for binding.  Again I used a King Tut variegated thread to quilt on the border fabric, just following the lines/shapes in the fabric.

Now, if I could only remember just what fabric I had intended to use for the binding on these two that would be a help.  There was no fabric folded up with or pinned to the projects.  Oh well, I’ll worry about that another day – a new pile has been created…the waiting for binding pile.

It is a long weekend here in Victoria being Labour Day (8 Hour Day) so it’s a good opportunity to get some more projects further along and the weather is beyond lousy so no playing outside.  Playing outside? – at the moment even going outside is not on the cards it is raining so hard.  At least it isn’t coming in under the front door yet today, but the carpet mat has been moved and the towel is in place just in case.   Darn shame that, being forced to stay indoors and sew, sew, sew 🙂

Happy Sewing…


Posted on March 8, 2010, in Australiana, Quilts, Stitchery. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I love the stitcheries. Especially the dragonfly one with the Laurel Burch border. Nice and achievable, good projects for this weather.

  2. Great stitching weather , your finishes (ish) are looking good !

  3. What’s with posting two days in a row? Your projects are looking good – it is a long month remember the binding may be done before the end of it! or not? Wouldn’t want finishitis to pass startitis – then what would you have to do?

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