Startitis Strikes Again…

Well, what do you do when you have like a zillion things already started and you are looking for what to do next…start something new of course!

In my travels around the sewing room on Friday looking for something that was achievable for my February OPAM finish I rediscovered a little “kit” that I bought from Beechworth Quilters Cottage last July when I went away for a lovely weekend to Beechworth with DFs Ms K & Ms G…

Cute hey.  I love 1930’s fabrics and dogs so this was a no brainer – I had to have it.  The little kit box contained the squares of 1930’s fabrics and the dog shape.  They are simply fused onto a square of muslin and I’m hand blanket stitching them down.  So far I’ve done the pink one in the centre.

I used the Steam A Seam 2 that I purchased from GJ’s 25% off sale on Saturday when Mistea and I ventured to the wilds of Brunswick for a fabric fix.  All I went out for was fusible medium but 25% off Everything…I ask you….what was a girl to do…so these pretties came home to play as well…

I saved $42+ – he he.

I want to have a go at Kelly from Don’t Look Now’s applique method, hence the expedition to buy Steam A Seam 2 and these lovely brights just begged to be included in that project. What doesn’t make it into that will go into the Bum’ble Bee box ‘coz apparently it can’t have enough fabric in it *LOL*.  The fusible makes the project feel nice but it is a bit hard to stitch through by hand.  Reading the pattern again I see that she uses the calorie reduced Lite version whereas I purchased the full fat product.  Next time I’ll the diet one and see how that handles. But in the meantime, I’ve got what I’ve got and I just have to deal with it and the project I bought it for is machined anyway so it shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

Then…yesterday….postie girlie dropped these into my letter box…

My first envelope from Patchwork on Stonleigh’s fabric club.  New fabric without the effort of going shopping, gotta like that.  This year instead of a free single pattern each month they are including a block from a larger quilt kind of like a block of the month.  It started with the last mailout last year but I’ve been given a copy of the first block so I won’t have a square missing in the finished quilt top.  It is a sampler type quilt and I’ve got the project box all ready but these will just be packed in for later – there are others ahead of it in the queue (it’s such a loooonnnnng queue).

Enjoy your Tuesday.

Happy Sewing…


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  1. Those puppies are looking way too cute – can’t wait to see that one done. HaHa
    MMMmmm noice fabrics there – lots more startitis I see! Enjoy

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