The Last Day of Summer…

…and what have I been doing…

…being outdoors in the sunshine being all outdoorsy and sporty and sunshine hogging making the most of the last day of summer 2009/2010?

Nah…I’ve been inside being all hexagon obsessed…

Today I finished putting the orange rowed unit together.  Three down 🙂  Nine to go 😦  Oh well, it’s a quarter of the way there.  I’ve another three cut out and tacked ready to go but I’ve put the Bum’ble Bee box away in the hope that something, anything, else will be achieved today.

I did manage to get some housework done before I started and I did chat on Pins and Needles while I was sewing, although I mainly “listened” so I didn’t have to stop sewing too often.

Hope you enjoyed the last day of summer.

Happy Sewing…


Posted on February 28, 2010, in Bumb'le Bee. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Yayyyy, well done on getting some hexagons pieced. Not many more to do you know. And it gets quicker from here!

  2. You know the deal – just cause it is officially the end of summer – that doesn’t mean the sun is on permanent vacation – there will be plenty more opportunities to play in the sun. Lovely ‘blocks’.

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