February Fizzled…

Well, February has been a bit of a fizzler when it comes to finishes.  While I had a week of going to lots of sewing activities, that meant progress on long term and larger hand piecing projects rather than finishes, so yesterday, with the OPAM deadline for February fast approaching – how did that happen, surely it was 1 February just last week!! – I frantically looked around the sewing room for projects that were finish achievable.  I can’t let an OPAM month go by without a finish, that would set a precedent that would make it too easy to just let things slide by and that isn’t the point of the OPAM exercise.

So,  without further ado, please let me introduce you to….

Mr & Mrs Echidna…Monty & Pearl…

These little cuties come to you from the fertile crafting playground that is the mind of Jodie of Vintage Ric Rac fame.  When Mistea and I visited the Daylesford Makers Market late last year I couldn’t resist the kit for these two.  Thanks Jodie for a great kit that contained everything that was needed except the hobbyfill and well written instructions which I actually followed (most unusual for me) ‘coz they made sense.

On Wednesday night DF Ms K and I ventured to Essendon Quilters to hear Kylie of Don’t Look Now fame speak and show her quilts.  She has certainly inspired me to have a go at her applique method.  I’m off later this morning to buy some of the fusible medium that she uses so I can do just that.

Well that is OPAM finish no 1 for February.  Given that February finishes tomorrow there is a big chance that Monty & Pearl may just be it for this month.  Oh well, there has been progress on hexies (enough for four more star point units tacked), georgetown circle (two quarters of the outer circle left to piece) and the table runner (sandwiched ready for quilting), so all is not lost.

Hope your February didn’t fizzle and you got lots of February finishes.

Happy Sewing…


Posted on February 27, 2010, in Challenge, OPAM. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I just love Monty and Pearl. Good going on your Feb finish. Glad to see you’re not showing off as much as last month!

  2. Annette…well they are the cutest little fellow…well done and congrats on the finish…Peg OPAM 2010

  3. They are just the cutest Echidna’s, and I’m glad they weren’t on the menu.
    That fur could have made you choke!

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