Circles & Curves…

Local quilting group held a workshop…today (server dropped out and I lost half this post and it was too late and I was too tired to remember what I’d typed)…yesterday on circles and curves.  One of our members who is very good at curved and circular piecing was tutor for the day and a very worthwhile informative way it was to spend the day – except for being so b…..y hot!  The hall has ceiling fans and there was a strong breeze from the open windows but it was still melty hot.

Being a technique class I only wanted to make sample bits so not wanting to use stash dug out recycled curtain fabric and calico.

First curve – drunkards path.  I machined the 5″ and hand pieced the 3″.

No-one knew the name of this block – I only made a quarter.



We were given a number of block patterns that contain circles and curves and I decided  to do a circle in a square.  So template made and centre circle cut from patterned fabric I cut the centre circle out of the square of calico…

Oops!  That can’t be right!! Sure gave DF Andrea and I a good laugh.  Note to self: turn template the right way around before tracing and cutting!!

This is how it was supposed to look…

It was fun to visit the non-straight line shapes for the day.  I’d forgotten how much fun drunkard’s path is to play with, must put that block on the “list” for future projects.

Woke to rain this morning – oh how good was that sound – a much more comfortable day.  In keeping with the circular theme I did some more work on Georgetown Circle at Monday sewing group this morning but as it was mostly pinning units together in preparation, nothing to show – yet!  Stay tuned, it may get finished one day!!!

Happy sewing..


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  1. Mmmm.. Interesting circle there. Cool drunkards path blocks. Lots of activity for such a hot day.

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