Revised Friday Night Sew-In…

Friday Night Sew-In Check List:

♦ Housework done – check (well mostly, close enough)

♦ DVDs  for sewing room viewing borrowed from library – check

♦ Variety of sustenance supplies procured: block chocolate, bullets, liquorice allsorts, nuts, twisties, dip/biscuits – went to Coles and couldn’t decide so just got, well, everything that was on special that took my fancy and will decide on specifics later (he he he) – check, check, check

♦ Sewing room reclaimation project undertaken (ie ridiculous amount of debris and general flotsam and jetsam cleared away so that I could actually find the top of the cutting table) – check

♦ Backing fabric and enough batting for table runner project – OOPS!

Yes folks, I got all organised in every way except for the supplies to enable undertaking the actual point of the exercise!

So all I could do was sew on the ends…at least the top is now completed…

Mmmm, now what?  OK continue with project organisation and in the process of that find a big enough piece of suitable fabric to use as backing.  Still doesn’t solve the batting issue so…having reorganised projects to within an inch of their lives….ah, what can be done with a fresh supply of tubs and display books…

Choose one and do a bit of that….

Fairfax Sampler by Virginia Enright – hand foundation pieced, an ongoing long term project.  This is a piece of the grandmother’s braid portion of the quilt – you can just see the picture of the actual quilt in the background of the photo – a miniature comprised of five miniatures.

So while my Friday Night Sew-In didn’t work out the way it was planned, I did spend the evening in the sewing room and I did achieve something – just something, well, else!

So, today, when I went to Seymour for the annual trip to the Alternative Farming Expo, I started at the patchwork shop for batting (enough to last for a few projects) and what did they have when I walked in but $5.00 a metre bolts.  Yay!  Backings!!!!!!!

I picked up the two house prints for bag fabric and the other two as backings.  I’m going to use the diamond print to back the table runner.  The fabric I found last night is really too pretty to use for a backing.  I’d like to use the dark blue of the star points and block corners as the binding but I didn’t buy enough so I’m going to have to check with Lorraine at Quilters Bazaar to see if she has some more in stock – I hope so or that will be the next problem.

Hope your Friday Night Sew-In was more successful than mine.

Happy Sewing…


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  1. Liking the look of the table runner – pity you didn’t have supplies to finish it off last night. The colours in the mini are pretty. I hope you didn’t eat all of the sustenance!

  2. My Friday night sew in didn’t go as planned either, but still managed to put needle to fabric! Just as well most of us have multiple ufo’s/ wips.

  3. I was with you in spirit at Friday Night Sew-In!
    I wish I’d had the same presence of mind to think to get some sewing fuel in the house.
    Love the look of the table runner, and the House fabrics are great.

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