USA Mail Deliveries….

Well, yesterday turned into a day of mail from the USA for me…All I had to do was travel around and visit with friends (darn shame that!) and collect…

First off from the DF Ms K Mail Delivery Centre….

Isn’t this fabric Gorgeous!  It is for the centre of Irish Circles, Karen Cunningham’s Correspondence School quilt which is sent out once a month for a year(ish).  We were unable to get it here but Ms K is good with the Google and found it in the USA – thank goodness for internet shopping…

AND THEN…yes, there is more from this Mail Delivery Centre…and we have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this delivery…so excitement…it has been such a long time coming…oh the anticipation and then the envelope arrived…do you get the sense of anticipation…

….we have waited…


we have waited….


then finally…

the arrival of….(yes yes get on it with – I hear you)…

From the creative nirvana that is the land of Quiltville and the wonderful Bonnie K Hunter…both her books!!!  DF Ms K already had Scraps & Shirtails but I missed out on the ordering last time around so when Bonnie announced her new book, well, there was no missing out this time.  Even more excitment – she has autographed them, personal and all, with MY NAME! and two different messages…it’s like she knows me (he he he).

You’d think that would be enough for one day but no, a further package had arrived via the Mistea Mail Delivery Centre

From our lovely bloggy friend, the Awesome Aunt Pitty Pat, a surprise for us both…American Food!  You see we don’t have Graham Crackers here in Australia or Tootsie Rolls/Pops. or Stash Tea.   Mistea has resided in the USA and knows what these treats are, me – no totally clueless, and her favourite tea is Stash, from Portland Oregon and the Awesome Aunt Pitty Pat (yes she know has an extra “A”) sent us a care package…two boxes of Graham Crackers, honey flavour and cinnamon flavour, to share, a bag of Tootsie Pops EACH and FOUR, yes FOUR boxes of Stash Tea, in yummy Chai flavours.  We have divied up in equal proportions and I am sure going to enjoy these taste treats.  I had a taste of one of the tea flavours at the Mail Delivery Centre yesterday and DF Ms K and I opened a pack of honey flavoured Graham Crackers and had a taste each when I revisited on the way home.  Yum, yum.

They are nothing like we have here – I actually had to ask Mistea how they are eaten.  You see for us, dry biscuits (crackers) are not sweet, they are a savoury thing and plain ones are eaten with butter and vegemite or cheese and tomato, that sort of thing.  I was unsure if I was meant to add “toppings” and what kind.  She vey gently explained to the Challenged One (that would be me!) that they are a sweet item and no, vegemite would not be an appropriate topping *ROFLOL*.

Thank you AAPP, it was a lovely surprise and much appreciated.

Well, better actually do some creating methinks. I’ve a project for a gift that I want to get onto.

Enjoy your weekend.

Happy Sewing…


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  1. You are very welcome my dear sweet friend.. I am so glad you get to trying something new and fun in your life 😉 Now don’t forget to try them with frosting, Chocolate and melted marshmallows 😉

  2. Yummy goodies! Graham crackers are good dipped in milk, or with butter or icing on top,too!

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