I’ve decided that I need to focus on the Georgetown Circle block and get it finished and off to where it should be living.  As it is hot hot here today the blinds are closed and the lights are off  to keep the house cooler (I don’t have that modern convenience called air conditioning)  and it is too much of a challenge to see pencil lines to stitch accurately.  So, in preparation and because I am impatient to se how it is going to come together, this morning I pinned and pinned and pinned and wahla!

Hopefully tonight when I get home from work it will be cool enough to stitch and I should be able to get this part of the block finalised.  There is another row to go around and then the corners which square the block up.

Hope you are keeping cool where you are…

Happy Sewing…


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  1. Wow – this is looking great – hurry up and get it all done – I’m dying to see the end result lol ! Think I saw something similar in an old copy of Quilters Newsletter. May have a look for it xx

  2. Looks great , hope it’s a little cooler for you to stitch .

  3. Hope it is all done soon – enjoy your rain today.

  4. Wow!! That is awesome. I would be too afraid to even try it, good for you! I like your blog. Really loved the owl applique blocks.

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