Quilty Mail Delivery…

For no good reason I had such an ordinary day at work this morning – there was no reason, no trigger, nothing to complain about, I was just in a bit of a blah.

But then…I arrived home to find a mail box full of quilty goodness.  First off there was an A4 envelope containing month 1 of Karen Cunningham’s Correspondence School quilt signed up for at Summer School.  Named “Irish Circles” it is a beautiful Karen adaptation of an antique quilt circa 1850-60 held by the Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum in England.  An image of the original quilt can be found here. Thankfully Karen has created a much more achievable version. Fabric for this quilt was purchased during Summer School so now, as it is hand pieced, all I need is lots and lots of time.

And…underneath the A4 envelope was a squishy white parcel from Andrea in Wales.  I played along with Andrea’s contest recently to guess the colours she was going to use in a quilt and as no-one correctly guessed the colours her husband drew out a commentor to win and it was ME!!!!!!!!  Lucky, lucky, me.  Inside the lovely squishy parcel were these three lovely fat quarters…Mmmm, yummy, I’m sure it won’t be too hard to find a good use for these lovelies.  Thank you so much Andrea, I love them.

And, not only was the snail mail box full of quilty stuff but quilt related emails and phone messages!!!  How funny is that – certainly made my day brighter having so much quilty goodness around to play with.

Hope you day is full of quilty goodness too!

Happy Sewing…


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  1. Well I got my Annie pattern today and went for supplies but then decided to play with my Happy House blocks – they take up the entire lounge floor – well the clear bit anyway. Love your fabrics – just the right colours for you. Enjoy

  2. We had similar mailbox experiences today I see.
    Love the fat quarters- certainly wont be hard to use those.

  3. I LOVE those fat quarters! I’m soooo jealous. lol!! 🙂

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